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Benefits a Portable Home Or Office From Ridge Portable Solutions Gives You That Other Portable Building Services Don’t!

Whether you know a little or a lot about portable buildings and offices, without a doubt the number one question we get asked when people call us is:

What makes an Ridge Portable Solutions structure better than relocatable homes or granny flats by other manufacturers and suppliers?

Okay, so let’s assume for now that you know nothing about portable site offices, granny flats, holiday cabins and so on.

What makes our modular and portable homes different from others on the market is:

#1. Industrial Strength Steel Frames, Not Timber – Some portable homes have timber frames, which have a tendency to warp, attract termites, burn and even rot over time.

All Ridge Portable Solutions structures have steel frames, so they turn away termite infestation, are fire resistant, won’t warp or split and are made to last in Australia’s wild and woolly weather, from the tropics of Darwin to the wind and snow of Perisher Valley.

#2. Hardwearing durable steel skid base – our portable building bases are up to three (3) times the size of others, which reduces the chances of your portable twisting or warping during transport, delivers extra strength and saves you money while also protecting your investment.

#3. Get Us To Do It All Or DIY – You can put your portable office or granny flat up yourself or we can arrange everything and construct it all for you, from foundations to plumbing, to the eaves and roof.

Others just want your money and leave the delivery, installation and other things to be organised up to you, which can be a costly and daunting event for the inexperienced.

All our portable buildings are delivered in flat pack form, with easy to read instructions.

#4. Colour coded fasteners – all fasteners and flashings are colour-coded so everything looks consistent, neat and finished professionally.

#5. Take It Or Leave It – Many relocatable or portable building suppliers don’t really encourage you to move your granny flat, site office or lunchroom once it is has been erected. The reason is that they’re afraid it may fall apart, twist or warp and you’ll blame it on them.

A great thing about Ridge Portable Solutions is that we design, supply and think in terms of “portable.” We know that at times people are going to want to move their onsite training or briefing room to another job site.

We also know from experience that a percentage of people who buy a granny flat, for example, may want to take it with them when they move.

Of course, this is why we invest the time, energy and money into only using steel framing and welded frames, and others do not.

When you own a Ridge Portable Solutions structure you can take it or leave it as much as you like, and it will give you years of hassle-free and safe use whether you’re living in it, renting it out or using it as onsite training or briefing room or cafeteria.

#6. Modern designs, fittings and creature comforts – Sadly, many people have the perception that downsizing into a granny flat or portable home is a drop in lifestyle. Quite the contrary! It’s smaller, so there is less housework to do and you have more time for the fun stuff you want to do.

There’s hardly any maintenance, so you’ll have more time for yourself, and we can design, manufacture, deliver and construct your granny flat or portable office and include almost anything you’d like in the design.

#7. Aluminum window – As standard, every granny flat or portable includes a 1200 x 1200 aluminium window with sliding glass so you can let the light and fresh air in and keep other things out when you’re not there.

#8. Standard portables or fully customized – At Ridge Portable Solutions we believe in choice for our customers, which is why you can buy a standard granny flat or portable building or have us fit it out with anything you’d like.

#9. Ridge Portable Solutions Guarantee of Precision and Craftsmanship – Every single granny flat, portable office, donga or modular building we build is made to exceed Australian building standards, using only the best materials inside and out.

This not only gives you a portable dwelling or office that looks good and is functional and practical, but it also means you can count on us and call us anytime you like in the unlikely event that a problem arises, and one of our portable building technicians will come out to you.

#10. Effective, Innovative Engineer & Production Crew – To be honest, if you’d ever met one of our nerdy engineers you’d understand why we’re more than just a portable building designer, manufacturer and supplier.

Our Engineers and all the production team at Ridge Portable Solutions are hardcore about making sure your granny flat or portable building purchase not only exceeds your wildest dreams and that you’re happy with it, but also that it will deliver decades of hassle-free shelter and will be able to take a beating and keep you safe at the same time.

#11. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs for all types of people and needs.

There’s a reason why we have a well-earned reputation with people for quality, passion, excellence and integrity when it comes to portable dwellings and relocatable homes.

Over the years, we’ve designed, manufactured and erected granny flats, onsite offices, cafeterias, mining dongas and other portable dwellings, offices and toilet blocks all over Australia.

While we can build any size of portable building you like, the biggest portable building we carry is the 12m x 3m, and the smallest size of portable is 6m x 3m.

Keep in mind, though, that our customers in the holiday park industry, the mining sector and other corporate and hospitality industries are always asking us for something special such as a special size with special features, so there is no portable building too big or small for us to design and manufacture for you.

So if you need a tailor-made granny flat or building with special size or features, or you just want one off the rack, at Ridge Portable Solutions there’s a portable building solution for you.

For a FREE COPY of our information pack so you can find out more about our portable homes, granny flats and buildings, please complete the form above or give us a call on: 1300 933 035 right now while it is fresh in your mind, and we’ll rush one out.